With a passion for taking photography of people, and especially something natural and candid, I love to take pictures of special events and gatherings of people.  I do offer different services in addition to the event photography, for both personal and business purposes to show off who and what you are, as an individual, family, business, or company. With all my photography, they are done on location, meaning I do not shoot studio work and work either outdoors or in a space of your choosing/business for convenience.

In addition to hiring me for a photo shoot, I also take pictures frequently for my own enjoyment for documenting my life and those around me. Pictures I take outside of paid photo shoots are available for personal, editorial, and even commercial use.  If you’ve seen some of my photography and are interested in using them in any capacity, contact me for additional details.

Services Include

Event Photography

Business Photography

Personal Photography


Event Photography

Regardless of your type of event, be it a dance, a business party, outdoor get together, band performance, wedding, or many other activities, I would love to be there to catch these different memories for you. Offering non-intrusive options, I work with or without flashes or additional lighting. Lighting, as well as weather for outdoor events, do make a big difference on the quality of photographs, so lets work together to make sure we capture your event and are prepared.

Event photography can include time for individual portraits or group shots prior or post event in addition to during the event.

Since events vary so much, pricing will vary, especially when it comes to larger & corporate events and needing licensing for advertisement. Contact me for additional details on the differences between licensing, time requirements, consultation, and how we can work together to showcase the occasion.

Concert / Performance
Starting @ $400

Dance Event / Festival
Starting @ $850

Starting @ $1500

Personal Photography

Freezing and capturing moments doesn’t just include big events, it also includes telling the story of who you are. Your personality, passions, desires, and bringing out the open or hidden personality of who you are, to show others, or to keep just for your close connections. We aren’t just taking a photograph, we will connect, share, and display the best of who you are in the finished product.

A lot of attention to detail and connecting on a personal level brings about the best of us both, so lets chat and see if we are a good fit to work together to exceed your vision.

Individual Portraits
Starting @ $150

Starting @ $250

Starting @ $400

Business / Commercial Photography

I offer a variety of business and commercial photography needs, from taking pictures of homes for real estate professionals, head shots and portraits, to products, office, and general business practices or stock photography. While my personal preference is in candid and event photography, my background and day job does have me photographing much of the above and I have a good deal of experience in doing different business & commercial photography.

Due to the nature of different businesses, needs, usage, and other factors, each price is custom quoted for your project. All business and commercial photography quotes include licensing usage for your exact needs.

Business & Commercial
Contact for Quote